Oakdale United Methodist Church
Tuesday, February 20, 2018
Praise God, Love Others, Grow Spiritually, and Share Jesus!

From the Pastor

Dear friends,


On Sunday morning, September 17th, I will be introducing you to Lester (Less than her). Lester is the name of my clown. Clown you said? Oh no!!!! Yes, clown. I have been doing clown ministry since I was in college. When I am in face, I do not talk, I am silent. I humble myself before God. There is probably a lot that you do not know about Christian clowning.


The word “clown” originally meant “clod.” A clod was a lowly sort of person who did the lowest of tasks. The closest word found in the Bible is servant, what Jesus called his followers to be. It is still what we are called to be. In essence, we are all called to be clowns.


The clown’s historic make-up is a symbol of death and resurrection. The white is a symbol of death and is applied first. The colors symbolize life. Thus, a clown’s face is a reminder that we are on a journey from death to life. It is a constant reminder of the realities of Easter.


The clown is recognized universally as the symbol for happiness. He creates smiles; he creates laughter. I truly believe that God has a sense of humor. God laughs and delights. One of the few people God named in the Bible is Isaac, and Isaac means laughter. God is not always rational and logical by human standards. If God transcends human rationality, then so should we.


A clown stands for good. He knows no strangers and offers only kindness. He has no prejudice and offers only understanding. He cares. To be a clown is to touch people’s souls. In clown ministry, the chief task is to be childlike, to give oneself, elevate other persons to positions of worth and communicate clearly that they are loved. I will not use my freedom as a license for silliness, nor will I be overly serious. I will simply be authentic.


So, the worship service on September 17th will be done by Lester. Lester will have some help with the speaking parts, but the children’s sermon and the sermon will be basically conducted by Lester. Congregations are usually a little apprehensive at first about meeting Lester, but I often find that they are touched by Lester’s services. This will be a Sunday filled with joy, laughter, and celebration. I promise you that you will be touched.




Pastor Michelle